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Secret Santa Exchange List

December 24th, 2013 by Cobwebs

Our fifth Secret Santa Can Suck It pretend-gift exchange was heaps of fun, and everyone’s imaginary gifts were great.

Here’s a list of all the participants this time ’round. Follow each link below to see what they chose for their giftees!

Kathy doesn’t blog, so she sent her gift to me for posting here. It’s quite thoughtful and lovely.

Your blog has been giving me pleasure ever since I discovered it. Giving you a virtual Christmas present is very easy since you and I share similar pastimes. We like to sew. We like beautiful things to make and we enjoy the macabre.

My first gift to you is an all-inclusive art adventure to Orvieto, Italy, May 25-31 2014 where you will create a one of a kind art quilt.


“….Begin with a textural pieced background using a combination of fabrics and then an applique which will be filled with your own visual journey…..For your design, use journaling and include simple drawings from the streets of Orvieto. The use of imagery using wool, taffeta, silk, silk velvet, and cotton applique as well as dimension using stacking of fabric, couching embroidery stitches, beads and words will be explored.”

Adventures in Italy

By all-inclusive, I mean your air flight, food, drink, your materials (all those glorious fabrics!!!!) and tools for your week long art adventure, and, last but not least, all the pocket money one needs to satisfy the inner magpie are part and parcel of this gift.

I would like to include a subscription to Somerset Studio’s “Altered Couture Magazine”. It contains many ideas for making something innovative out of something ordinary. While many of the illustrations are usually overtly feminine and pretty-pretty, the trained gothic eye will see the potential of a possible garment.

Altered Couture

Finally, because I am a doll maker and I would like to introduce you to my world, my last gift to you is your choice of one of the dolls made by Beth Robinson. You will find her website at Click on ‘Shop’ and feel free to choose what ever doll you desire – I’m a Dr. Scops fan, myself.

Dr Scops

Isn’t he just fabulous?

Thank you so much, Kathy! I love my “gift!”

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