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Octopus Hairpiece

June 5th, 2014 by Cobwebs

Octopus HairpieceThis blog really needs a “Squee” tag.

deviantART member deeed didn’t think that her costume was sufficiently intricate to stand out at a recent Steampunk Ball, so she accessorized with a splendid wig-and-octopus confection. The li’l octopus, complete with appropriate gear detailing, just looks so darn happy to be perched on her head.

She’s posted some work-in-progress photos and build details here. The octopus is formed over a shell she made from a styrofoam ball built out with expanding foam. The pumpkin-colored wefts (as well as the base wig) are from Ardra (which has got some really nice-looking, fairly inexpensive, wigs and wefts; be sure to browse around). I particularly love the photo of the octopus’ tentacles done up in curlers.

This is a brilliant idea, and in addition to the obvious Cthulhu angle I could see the same general shape being easily morphed into a spider for a gothier look. Wear a simple cobweb-patterned dress (or suitcoat; I see no reason why men can’t wear big spiders on their head) and you’d have a really striking costume.

I’d have trouble saving something this awesome for special occasions and wind up wearing it to the grocery store.

(Hat tip to Cookie)

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