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Beyond the Blue Link Dump

June 6th, 2014 by Cobwebs

Printable Bottle Labels – Free, downloadable vintage labels, done as fillable PDF templates so you can add your own text. There’s a set of round ones too. (Hat tip to Cookie)

Little Maddie – Kickstarter to create a very Cthulhoid My Little Pony figurine.

How to Make Magic – Back in the 70s somebody wrote an occult handbook for children. The 70s were completely batshit. (Hat tip to WitchArachne)

Little Villains – Art prints depicting Disney villains as adorable toddlers. I love Maleficent playing dress-up with her crow.

Anatomical Model Sleeping Bag – Sleep inside your insides. (via Pixel Pixie)

Plush Mrs. Bates – Mezco, which also manufactures the Living Dead Dolls line, has a new plush doll of Norman’s mummified mom.

Tarantula Best in Show Winner – There’s a Crufts-like show for tarantulas. That is utterly wonderful. (Hat tip to pdq)

Release the Kraken – Neat bathroom makeover which includes stenciled tentacles. Everything is better with stenciled tentacles.

Mortui Vivos Docent – Pathologists’ Assistant Nicole Angemi maintains a blog about pathology and autopsy. She also has an Instagram account (Warning: NSFW due to the very graphic nature of the photos) full of autopsy photos and other interesting anatomical stuff. (Hat tip to Jessica)

Medusa – Dead Spider made a splendid Medusa costume for the West Coast Haunters Convention.

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