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Attack of the Killer Link Dump

June 20th, 2014 by Cobwebs

Spoiler Alert – A roundup of horror movies with twist endings.

Roots – Gorgeous ceiling light made of pewter wire. (Hat tip to Sisifo)

Dracula’s Grave Discovered – Or, as the Roadtrippers site phrased it, “Researchers finally discover, plan to open Dracula’s grave. We’re all going to die.”

Skull-a-Day Kickstarter – Noah Scalin is publishing a book of his 365 original Skull-a-Day pieces.

The Parasitological Museum of Meguro – There’s a museum in Japan devoted to parasites. I don’t recommend viewing these images if you’re snacking. (Hat tip to pdq)

WaterstonesOxfordSt – The Twitter feed of this bookseller is a surreal delight; Failbook captures a typical set of tweets.

Bejeweled Skull Cakes – I’ve mentioned Conjurer’s Kitchen previously; these cakes made to look like the relics of saints are just astonishing.

Yetis and Friends – Etsy store full of adorable plush mounted Yeti trophy heads.

Midnight Planetarium – Gorgeous wristwatch depicting planetary motion. I don’t even want to guess what this costs.

Cinder – SF-ish take on Cinderella, in which the heroine is a cyborg. There are two sequels so far: Scarlet (Little Red Riding Hood), and Cress (Rapunzel).

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