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Trivia Tuesday

January 6th, 2015 by Cobwebs

  1. In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode “The Prom,” Buffy is given a special award as “Class Protector.” What is the item she receives?
    A) Golden Stake
    B) Plaque
    C) Necklace
    D) Umbrella
    E) Trophy
  2. The Tarot deck is divided into two parts: Suits (wands, swords, etc.) and trump cards (The Tower, Death, etc.). The two parts are commonly known as the Major and Minor _____.
  3. H.P. Lovecraft had a detailed genealogy of his Old Ones, and this “blind idiot god” was positioned as the progenitor of all of the others.
    A) Azathoth
    B) Nyarlathotep
    C) Yog-Sothoth
    D) Shub-Niggurath
    E) Cthulhu
  4. In Dracula, Mina is forced to drink the Count’s blood and becomes “unclean.” Van Helsing seeks to protect her by touching her forehead with this object, which instead burns and scars her.
  5. These days George R.R. Martin is best known for his Game of Thrones series, but his only story to win both a Nebula and a Hugo is this novelette about a wealthy playboy who likes to torment his alien “pets” and comes to a sticky end.
    A) Portraits of His Children
    B) The Skin Trade
    C) Nightflyers
    D) Tuf Voyaging
    E) Sandkings
  6. After her sister Charlotte’s success with Jane Eyre, Emily Brontë wrote this Gothic classic; her only published novel.
  7. In the Lord of the Rings series, Elrond rules the outpost of Rivendell. What is Rivendell called in Sindarin, Tolkien’s fictional Elvish language?
    A) Gondolin
    B) Imladris
    C) Lothlórien
    D) Elbereth
    E) Fanuilos
  8. Although he isn’t named until the third season, this demon is the primary antagonist in the first two seasons of Supernatural and was also (as eventually revealed through flashbacks) the entity responsible for setting the Winchester brothers’ adventures in motion.
  9. Neil Gaiman’s Sandman protagonist Morpheus commissioned two works from this writer in exchange for unlocking his writing talents.
    A) Edgar Allan Poe
    B) Charles Dickens
    C) William Shakespeare
    D) Mark Twain
    E) Rudyard Kipling
  10. Death Eater Barty Crouch Jr spent most of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire disguised as this teacher.

(Answers below the fold)

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