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Oh, No! It’s Another Week of Link Dumps: Day 3

January 14th, 2015 by Cobwebs

Frightening Finery – WebUrbanist did a feature on “macabre” jewelry creations.

Miskatonic University T-shirt – The Miskatonic U. Fighting Fishmen are the pride of Arkham.

Ravens are Shitty Houseguests – Myths RETOLD tackles Poe.

7 Deeply Bizarre Horror Shorts to Watch on YouTube – A roundup.

Impossible Magnets – “Souvenirs from places you’ll never visit.” Neat “souvenir” magnets for places like Oz and Jurassic Park.

The Strange Log – Twitter feed “Documenting the strange poetry of changelogs and patch notes.” I think my favorite so far is, “Turkeys no longer bounce when they contact water.”

Witch’s Spell Books – Easy tutorial for making prop books. These would look very cool with taxidermy eyes in place of the googly eyes.

The Gorey Store – Loads of Gorey-themed merchandise. I like the li’l bat necklace.

Stuffed Pizza Skulls – Something else to do with your skull cupcake pans.

The Etiquette of Courtship – “…many a promising affair has been ruined because a suitor sent his lady a buttercup, meaning ‘That’s the last dance I’ll ever take you to, you big cow,’ instead of a plant with a more tender significance.” (Hat tip to Bruno)

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