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Vandal Eyes

January 8th, 2015 by Cobwebs

Eyeball Shoes and Bow TieThe When Geeks Wed blog posted a short article about an “eclectic wedding” trade show, and one of the photos they featured was this eyeball shoes-and-bowtie ensemble by Frankie Lynn’s Emporium. I really like the fact that it’s a matched set; it’s perfect for a party or other formal affair.

(The bowtie also has fangs, which is kind of adorable.)

The ties are still available for purchase, but the shoes don’t currently seem to be (although she does offer simpler flats featuring a single eyeball).

Fortunately, flat-backed eyes are widely available for doll-making and other crafts, so DIYing the heels would be reasonably straightforward. You could cluster a bunch of small eyes for a spider-like effect, or use colorful reptile eyes to make the shoes monstrous. Glue sequins or narrow ribbon around the eye to conceal the edges.

Glass or solid acrylic eyes would work fine for the shoes, but it’d probably be best to use plastic or some other lightweight material for bowties, hair ribbons, garters or other items that might be warped out of shape.

For something really over-the-top, check out Frankie Lynn’s blog post about her tentacle-tastic Octo-Shoes.

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