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I Walked with a Link Dump

May 1st, 2015 by Cobwebs

A Natural History of Dragons – The first in a series of “Memoirs by Lady Trent,” a sort of Victorian travelogue mockumentary, except with dragons. The sequels are The Tropic of Serpents and Voyage of the Basilisk.

Sailor Moon Tarot – This set of the Major Arcana is really well done.

Crab Centipede – This shellfish arrangement would be the BEST centerpiece for a Halloween party. (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

Night Terrors – Indiegogo campaign for an augmented reality horror game that uses your phone to make the action seem to be happening in your own house.

Gardens with a Magickal Theme – Suggestions for witchy plantings.

Spiders vs. the Sun – From Randall Munroe’s “What If?” series. Favorite footnote: “Spiders are quantized.”

9 Terrifying Old Movies That Put Modern Horror To Shame – A roundup (on Cracked, so be prepared to get lost in a thicket of links and waste several hours). The Man Who Laughs really is creepy as hell.

Finelineworkshop – Etsy shop full of gorgeous leatherwork creations, including some of the most adorably “monstrous” storage boxes you’ll ever see. Bored Panda has a roundup of those.

Feelers – Animated typeface meant to resemble wiggly tentacles. I like the still version, but think that the animation would have to be slowed way down to be readable.

Frock Flicks – A costume movie review podcast. “Because stretch velvet isn’t historically accurate.”

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