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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Link Dump

May 8th, 2015 by Cobwebs

Electric Sticker Co. – Sells vinyl stickers for electrical outlets that look like faces. Lots of Halloween-related ones like vampires and witches. (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

Garden Witchery – Book about practicing “magick from the ground up.” The same author has also written Seasons of Witchery about celebrating Sabbats in the garden.

Ghoulia Childs – Twitter account (and accompanying Facebook page) combining horror and cooking. As you do.

How To Tell if You Are in a Shirley Jackson Story – Another helpful guide from The Toast. (Hat tip to pdq)

Girly Viking Dragon Academy Birthday Party – I have seriously mixed feelings about this party idea. It’s refreshing to see a warrior-type theme aimed at girls, but then it gets slammed right back into Pretty Princess territory with pastels and cartoony imagery.

Houdini and Doyle – Fox has picked up a period drama in which Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle team up to investigate supernatural mysteries. …I got nothin’.

Whiskey River Soap Co. – Sells soap and candles with names like Soap for Black Sheep (“Smells Like a Recessive Gene”) and Soap for Writer’s Block (“Smells Like Regurgitated Ideas and Probably a Vampire”). (via Beans)

CuriousCephalopods – Last year, artist Kirstie Williams got a lot of positive attention for her awesome octopus fascinator. She began taking custom orders and now offers them in an Etsy shop. So cute!

Professor BJ Sears’ Technological Rarities – Series of faux-antique steampunky devices with interesting backstories. Good source of project inspiration.

Fluevog Odette – I really like the skull detailing on these shoes’ buckles.

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