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Still More Stuff I Found While Looking Around

May 13th, 2015 by Cobwebs

It’s time for another bunch of random stuff I’ve found which I want to share but can’t hang a whole post on. Some of them have no attribution, so if you happen to know the source for any of these please leave a note in the comments. (Click to view larger.)

Jessica Joslin Bats


These squee-worthy bat sculptures are by artist Jessica Joslin. She has loads of other lovely critters in her gallery. (The bones she uses are either replica or ethically sourced.)
Caesar Knife Block

Caesar Knife Block

I was hoping this was an actual perfect-for-the-Ides-of-March product, but it seems to just be a ‘shopped version of this bust. (via pdq)
Spiderweb Lamp

Spiderweb Lamp

No idea where this is from originally; there’s a similar image here, but it appears to be used as a placeholder for illustrative purposes. It’d be easy to make something similar; the simplest way would be to use spray adhesive on an existing lampshade and cover it with spooky paper. If you’d rather make your own, google “how to make a lampshade” to get lots of tutorials like this one.
Skull Spoons

Skull Measuring Spoons

These were a seasonal item at World Market, but don’t seem to be available now. Sigh.
NMBC Mobile

Nightmare Before Christmas Mobile

All roads lead to Pinterest on this one, so I can’t credit an original source. The tentacle looks like painted plywood; I like how it’s hinged so it can swing back out of the way. The little hanging characters appear to be this set of plush figures. (via Tanya)
Goth Steampunk Cake

Goth Steampunk Cake

I don’t want to eat this thing as much as wear it. It’s by Sweetlake Cakes, and there are several other lovely cake photos as well.
Octopus Chatelaine

Octopus Chatelaine

This gorgeous silver chatelaine is in the colleciton of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. Collectors Weekly has a good article on the history of chatelaines.
Computer Mouse

Skull Computer Mouse

This functional mouse was made from a sheep skull by Ivan Mavrović. Be sure to check out the rest of his site for all kinds of steampunky designs.
Spider Coverlet

Spider Bedding Set

This screen-printed duvet and pillow shams would be perfect for a guest room. They seem to have previously been available through Etsy but aren’t there now. There’s a listing for them on Wanelo, but they require registration to use their site so I don’t know if the item is actually still available.


This just made me giggle.

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