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The Maltese Link Dump

October 9th, 2015 by Cobwebs

Bedtime Stories for Awful Children – Year Walk is a new game based on Swedish folklore, and as a “special treat” its creators have put together a free e-book of Swedish scary stories to tell in the dark. They’ve helpfully translated it into several other languages “because we think obnoxious children all over the world deserve dark nightmares.”

Ray Harryhausen Auction – If you’re a fan of the stop-motion master, there’s an auction of memorabilia later this month.

Rocky Horror Cast Reunites for 40th Anniversary – Several members of the cast reunited on the Today Show to talk about the cult classic.

Harry Potter Encyclopaedia Pages – Gorgeous artwork imagining pages from books like “Auror Basics” and “Pets of the Wizardy World.”

Halloween Treat – The Oblong Box has a new collection of retro-inspired clothing featuring vintage Halloween imagery.

Devil’s Food Cupcakes – These cupcakes decorated with little fondant horns would be easy to do and they’re really rather elegant.

Tim Curry Audiobooks – I wasn’t aware that Tim Curry did audiobook narrations, but he’s got a bunch of good ones, including A Christmas Carol, Sabriel and its sequels, Dracula (in which he voices Van Helsing), and several others.

Head on a Pike Drink Stirrer – Easy idea for making Halloween beverage stirrers.

Fury Road in Hieroglyphics – Artist Takumi has done a pretty awesome job of capturing the plot of Fury Road entirely in hieroglyphics. I’d love to see a whole set of these detailing various movies. (Bonus link: Check out the Hero-Glyphics set by Josh Ln.)

Ramon Maiden – Interesting, tattoo-y, artwork. Some NSFW. (via pdq)

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