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Iron Fist Shoes

August 5th, 2010 by Cobwebs

Iron Fist ShoesI first ran into Iron Fist a couple of years ago when I found their Zombie Stompers (now available as flats! Hee), but didn’t realize that they actually had a whole line of footwear and clothing.

They sell a subset of items on their site, but it appears that they mostly sell through retail outlets. However, searching for “iron fist clothing” or “iron fist shoes” turns up loads of items for your perusal: Amazon has shoes and wallets, Google Shopping lists a wide selection of products, and simple searches on Yahoo (Shoes | Clothing) and Google (Shoes | Clothing) turn up lots of individual retailers.

The prices are generally fairly reasonable, and the designs and colors are certainly arresting. Many of the shoes also appear to be Vegan-friendly.

(Incidentally, the shoes pictured above, which I am currently lusting after, are available at Hot Topic.)

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