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The Bone Room

August 19th, 2010 by Cobwebs

Bat SkeletonOccasionally whilst surfing the ‘Net, I’ll find a site that puts me in danger of spending way more than I should because everything is Just! So! Cool! The Bone Room is one of those sites.

They call themselves, “the web’s premiere natural history store,” but “the goth decorating superstore,” would also be appropriate. They’ve got all kinds of bones both genuine (including legal-to-sell human ones) and reproduction, and they even offer instructions for cleaning your own finds. They’ve got other bits of animals, ranging from fairly mundane things such as coyote claws to somewhat more arresting items like a purse made out of a cane toad.

Their natural jewelry features earrings made of real beetle wings, and lovely pendants made from real spider webs (they also have a lot of other mounted webs).

If you’re local to their brick-and-mortar store in Berkeley, CA, they also offer The Bone Room Presents, a “natural history salon” where they present lectures and other educational materials.

Many of their items are surprisingly affordable and would make a lovely addition to a cabinet of curiosities. There are also some wonderfully unique gift ideas: Even the person who “has everything” probably doesn’t have a Pleistocene bear tooth.

Bonus Link: Check out their video, The Perfect Pet, offering “an overview of the process of turning your ‘late’ (high maintenance) companion into an articulated skeleton.”

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