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James and the Giant Link Dump

August 6th, 2010 by Cobwebs

Monster Family – Cute plush family of furry monsters.

Occult Jam – Article about what amounts to homeopathic jam. Odd.

Nomskulls – Skull-shaped cupcake molds. I would love them for the name alone. (Hat tip to Siegmar.S)

Is Jousting the Next Extreme Sport? – Oh yes, please.

Sharky Tea Infuser – We’re gonna need a bigger cup.

Morbid Fashion – Photoblog devoted to “non-trashy” goth fashion (although that adjective may be open to interpretation).

LA County Zombie Control – Sometimes I really, really miss California.

Garage Alchemy Is Not for the Weak of Stomach – Teaser post for an upcoming Discover article about a science historian who is recreating the work of alchemists. He’s also co-authored a book on the subject.

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