The Art of Darkness

The Lion, the Witch, and the Link Dump

February 11th, 2011 by Cobwebs

A Tribute to Iron Maiden’s Eddie – A somewhat obsessive roundup.

Plush Manananggal – That Filipino monster that separates in half and flies around dragging entrails? Somebody made a toy one.

Steampunkr – “Daily steampunk inspiration.” (Hat tip to Kitten Herder)

Sock Skeleton – Like a sock monkey, only skeletal. Tutorial at Instructables.

Nightmare Before Christmas Bento Box – Jack might be a cute hors d’oeuvre, too. (Another box is here.)

Coffee Mug Cozy – I’ve never quite grokked the need for a mug cozy, but I like the “Accio Brain” message on this one. Caffeinnnnne….

How to Make Inexpensive Photo Invitations – I’m annoyed at myself for never having thought of this.

Vertebrae Cups – Mugs shaped like oversized vertebrae. The same company also sells Thighbone Pen Holders. (Hat tip to Seigmar S.)

Etsy Dark Team – A group of Etsy sellers whose goal is, “to help promote the darker side of Etsy by shining a bit of light on some amazing dark shops.” Some neat alternate stuff.

Crochet Skull Skirt – This is cute, and should be reasonably easy to DIY. If you don’t have the patience or skills for a crocheted version, fabric cutouts appliqued to a sheer fabric under-layer should produce a similar effect.

Anti-Valentine Voodoo Doll – Cute little felt pincushion dolly, just in time to stick it to Cupid.

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