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A Sprinkling of Offbeat Holidays

February 21st, 2011 by Cobwebs

A while back I did a post listing several holidays which provided excuses to party in a Halloween-like manner on dates other than Halloween. I keep meaning to expand that into a proper Goth Calendar with celebrations throughout the year, which at the rate I’m going will probably be completed some time in 2017. In the meantime, here are a few notable dates which might be worth hanging a celebration on.

Some of these don’t seem to have any sort of “official” imprimatur, but have at least made it far enough into the collective unconscious that you can pull up Google and say, “See? It is too a real holiday!”

January 3 – Memento Mori Day

January 5 – Befana Day

January 19 – Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday (1809)

April – The first week in April is Be Kind to Spiders Week

April 4 – World Rat Day

April 30/May 1 – Walpurgis Night

May 3 – Paranormal Day

May 11 – Twilight Zone Day

May 22 – World Goth Day

July – The first Sunday is Build a Scarecrow Day

August 7 – Erszebet Bathory’s birthday (1560)

October 15 – Jack the Ripper’s “From Hell” letter is received (1888)

October 20 – Bela Lugosi’s birthday (1882)

November 2 – Plan Your Own Epitaph Day

November 5 – Guy Fawkes Night

November 8 – Bram Stoker’s birthday (1847)

December 5 – Krampusnacht

Feel free to leave additional suggestions in the comments!

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