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Erssie Knits

November 1st, 2012 by Cobwebs

Knitted ThrowI have no skill at knitting, and I never regret that more than when I run across patterns like the ones at Erssie Knits.

Erssie Major is a UK knitter who has been featured in several magazines, and her work has a definite pagan/goth bent. She makes many of her patterns available online, either free (such as this cute calavera) or quite inexpensively (like this skully knit cap).

The site is a little hard to navigate, since some links seem to circle back on themselves and the sidebar isn’t consistent, but the patterns are worth a bit of digging. I love this goth glam hat, and the collection of symbols in the magickal throw is impressive (although it’d be nice if they were sold as a bundle in addition to individually).

She’s also got a blog where she features new creations. One of her latest is this great “punk skull” sweater; she notes that she’ll make a pattern available for it soon.

If you knit, definitely check out the collection. There are some great potential holiday gifts.

Update: – Apparently Erssie decided to clean up her site and ditch the patterns two days ago. You can still find them at Ravelry: If you don’t have an account and don’t want to register, get a username/password at BugMeNot. Just log in and search for “Erssie.” (Bah.)

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