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November 23rd, 2012 by Cobwebs

The Mad Hatter Meets Christmas – Adorable DIY Mad Hatter-esque top hats to use as holiday ornaments.

100 Most Depressing Movie Death Scenes – A supercut (apparently copyright-blocked in some countries, so you may need to use a proxy). BoingBoing has some additional suggestions in the comments.

Drunken Spider – Cute cocktail that looks like a spider passed out in your glass.

Straight Outta Surrey – “Chap-hop” by Mr. B. the Gentleman Rhymer. What is this I don’t even.

Unretouched Overlook Hotel Photo – The “vintage” photo of Jack Nicholson at the end of The Shining was a real retouched photo instead of a shot done for the film.

Owl Granny Squares – Easy crochet pattern. Make the colors less pastel and you have spooky owls. Change a couple of the triangles to the same color as the body and you have spooky bats.

A Very Gorey ASOIAFabet – Game of Thrones meets Gashleycrumb Tinies. Spoilers. (via xJane)

Spooky Sun Jars – Ostensibly for Halloween but obviously perfect for any time of year, these are a great alternative to candles.

DIY Spine T-shirt – Easy method for adding a skeletal spine to the back of a plain shirt.

Bat Head T-Shirt – Cute “giant hyperrealistic bat head” shirt. (Hat tip to Bruno)

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