The Art of Darkness

The Texas Link Dump Massacre

November 16th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Blood Drips Parasols – Little paper parasols for decorating fancy cocktails, only black with blood spatters.

Iza’s Art Shop – Gorgeous leather steampunky handbags. A few are for sale in her Etsy shop.

Indexed – This Venn diagram speaks truth.

Bat Chandelier – Tutorial for a cute hanging bat decoration.

The Scariest Animal That Will Never Hurt You – Yay, whipscorpions! I especially like the photo of the mother carrying around its young.

shhark – Etsy shop that specializes in 3-D printed filigree skulls.

Black Velvet Layer Cake – Delicious-looking cake that would be fantastic for a spooky party.

The Making of Limbo – Interesting article on the inception of the game.

DIY Skeleton Tights – Super-easy tutorial for making “leg bone” tights.

Octopus Surprise Mug – Just in case you want to see an octopus looming up at you from the depths of your coffee. There’s a shark attack version too. (And also a squirrel attack version, if you’d rather be menaced by seagoing squirrels.)

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