The Art of Darkness

Last Link Dump in Paris

November 9th, 2012 by Cobwebs

PĆ³stumo – Kickstarter for zombie-inspired “deck of the dead” playing cards, dice, and other goodies. Fantastic artwork.

Monster Monster – Knitting instructions for a creepy devil (technically “Bok” from Doctor Who) balaclava.

The Five Creepiest Towns in America – I don’t know about “creepiest,” but these would all be picturesque tour destinations if you’re planning a vacation.

Starrlight Jewelry – Pretty goth jewelry. I particularly like the bat armlet.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal – I will never, ever look at Pac-Man the same way again.

Carved Mushroom Skulls – Cute way to add a macabre touch to a meal.

Conga Bats – Neatly-organized line of bats for the OCD amongst us.

Monster Matryoshka – Cutely monstrous nesting dolls. There’s a zombie version too.

How to Make a Dolce & Gabbana Blazer – Video on adding trim to a purchased blazer. This would be useful for adding lace and other dark bits to a mundane article of clothing.

Forever and Always T-shirt – Shirt which looks like the wearer is being glommed by ghostly hands. (Hat tip to Sisifo)

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