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A Hard Day’s Link Dump

September 4th, 2015 by Cobwebs

Alice in WonderSand – Astonishing sand-art animation of Alice in Wonderland.

Truffle Mummies – Recipe for pumpkin cheesecake truffles decorated to look like teensy mummy heads. These would be great as part of a Halloween party dessert spread.

Anty Gin – Gin infused with red wood ants. Yum!

Tale – Artist Kate Clark sculpts human faces on taxidermy animals. Her artist’s statement says, “They are obviously reconstructed yet they are not monstrous, they are approachable, natural, calm, innocent, dignified.” Uh, no; they are creepy as fuck.

Whiskey Skulls – Stainless steel skull-shaped drink chillers.

Doll Head Night Light – Tutorial for making a night light out of a doll head in case you want to scare the everliving crap out of overnight guests.

Count Chocula Beer – Colorado brewery Black Bottle has a limited-edition beer made with Count Chocula cereal. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. (via Shellhawk)

I Solemnly Swear – Free embroidery pattern and tutorial for a simple Marauder’s Map design.

Old Masters Buzzfeed – “23 Secrets a Man with a Quilted Sleeve Won’t Tell You” and other brilliant clickbaity headlines applied to classical paintings. (Possibly NSFW depending upon your boss’ tolerance for classical boobs.)

Black Cat Earring – Polymer clay earring which looks like a cat is in the process of tunneling through your earlobe. The seller has a wide variety of cat colors and themes.

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