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Run! It’s Another Week of Link Dumps! Day 4

September 10th, 2015 by Cobwebs

Bad Motherf*ckers – Amazingly detailed action figures from The Shining, A Clockwork Orange, The Exorcist, and more.

Ghostz – Weird little browser-based game which imagines a virtual pet experience about caring for the ghost of a virtual pet that you let die.

5 Creepy Things You Learn Cleaning Up the Scene Of a Murder – This clickbaity headline is actually an interesting glimpse into the business of biohazard cleanup.

A Jolly Nightmare – Mashup illustration of Jack and Sally dressed as Bert and Mary Poppins. (via Tanya)

Marbled Red Vinasse Eggs – This riff on Chinese tea eggs make them look nicely bloody. If you can’t the red wine lees called for in the recipe, some red food coloring could probably be substituted.

A Dirty Job – Novel about a regular guy who discovers that he’s been recruited to gather the souls of the dying. The plot has certainly been done, um, to death, but the author is Christopher Moore and he writes funny stuff.

Infantium Victoria – Lovely goth baby clothes, which are often hard to find. (Hat tip to Beth)

Wee Witch’s Cottage – Cute miniature “witch house” with lots of neat details.

Compendium of Demonology and Magic – NSFW. BoingBoing looks at some of their “favorite monsters” from this 1775 guide to demonology.

Medusa Satchel – Felted Gladstone bag featuring a big ol’ gorgon.

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