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Do Androids Dream of Electric Link Dumps?

September 18th, 2015 by Cobwebs

The Venus of Innsmouth – Great, subtle “artifact” that would be an interesting detail in an RPG.

The Problem with Vintage Magic Posters – Interesting article about collecting vintage posters which advertised magicians’ acts.

5 Horror Villains Who Aren’t as Bad as They Seem – Cracked tries to make the argument that some horror movie villains have understandable motives. Which still doesn’t make their victims any less dead.

The New Devil’s Dictionary – Bierce updated for the modern age.

Little Creations – Etsy shop specializing in Amigurumi adorableness. I love this dragon.

Dracula’s Dentures – These cookies are edging into “more trouble than they’re worth” territory, but they’d be cute for a vampire-themed party. (Hat tip to xJane)

Marauder’s Map Coffee Mug – Color-changing mug that reveals the Marauder’s Map when hot liquid is added.

Secret of Qwerty – Game designed to resemble an old-time RPG where you fight mean trees and ghosts and stuff by typing at them. You start the game at Homerow Castle.

Top 10 Medieval Butt-Licking Cats – The list you didn’t even know you needed.

Aurora Jungle-Juice – This cocktail is one color in normal light and another under black light. I believe the photo is ‘shopped, but it’d be a fun party drink anyway.

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