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Yet Another Week of Link Dumps: Day 2

January 12th, 2016 by Cobwebs

Goth Music for Baby Bats – YouTube playlist of kid-friendly goth-ish music.

3D Printed Trilobites – These trilobites, modeled from fossil data, are just gorgeous. I want earrings.

Dictionnaire Infernal – A whole alphabet of demonic illustrations. The full book is available several places online.

Chris Haas – Artist who creates mixed media “trophies” of impossible-looking creatures. There are more pieces on his Instagram feed.

5 Evil Plants We Should Probably Get Rid Of – An interesting roundup.

My Little Pumpkins – Dollhouse miniature enthusiast B√∂zse decorated a bunch of 1:12-scale pumpkins, including an eensy Cinderella’s coach.

Bran Muir – Artist who specializes in creepy animated images.

Sheldon – This comic explains why we don’t have to worry about ghosts.

Giant Inflatable Tentacles – DIY for making giant tentacles to decorate your house. There a short video too.

RecyclEARS – This isn’t precisely goth, but there’s so much potential inspiration I wanted to share it. This artist decorates Mickey Mouse ear hats with themes ranging from the Haunted Mansion to Doctor Who. EPBOT showcases some additional examples of her work.

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