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Yet Another Week of Link Dumps: Day 4

January 14th, 2016 by Cobwebs

The Changing Portrait Hall that Never Was – The Long Forgotten blog looks at concept art for several changing portraits in Disney’s Haunted Mansion.

Design a Wig – Splendid interactive site that lets you design and decorate an 18th-century powdered wig.

Instructions – A guide to navigating fairy tales by Neil Gaiman. It’s also been made into a graphic novel.

I tried to make a new mom friend. Here is what happened. – You don’t see the phrase “clothing rodent” used often enough.

Taxiderpy – Site devoted to stupendously bad taxidermy. There’s a related Tumblr tag.

Plague Inc. – Strategy/simulation game in which you try to engineer a deadly pandemic.

BillionGraves – Resource for cemetery and headstone records, including photos of gravestones and GPS data. Volunteers can photograph requested graves and upload the photos, which are often helpful in genealogy research.

How The Addams Family Does BDSM Right – 1) Apparently, Offbeat Bride has a sister site devoted to home and life. 2) This is a pretty good rundown of Gomez and Morticia’s love life. (via Jes)

The Gothic Shoe Company – Purveyors of “handmade winklepickers.”

Star Wars Calaveras – Various Star Wars characters drawn as traditional “Day of the Dead” figures. Little Darth Vader is adorable.

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