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Yet Another Week of Link Dumps: Day 3

January 13th, 2016 by Cobwebs

Jabberwocky – A dramatic reading by Benedict Cumberbatch. Unfortunately he pronounces “borogoves” with the nonexistent second R so he gets a failing grade. (At least the Muppets got it right.)

Monster Dressup – Cute little web thingie that lets you create a custom monster.

Encase Your Friends in Carbonite – Enormously detailed instructions for creating a life-size “Han Solo in Carbonite” prop. It occurs to me that this general idea might be adapted as a Halloween costume by sticking your head and hands through cutouts in a cardboard frame.

Parasite of the Day – Unusual site devoted to parasites. Come for the squicky pictures, stay for the interesting commentary.

Agnoistrology – Horoscopes for people who don’t believe in horoscopes.

Ikea Dog Bed – Gothy “hack” for turning a chest of drawers into a bed-and-storage area for small dogs or cats.

Feminist Cthulhu – Amusing idea, mediocre execution.

Play With Me – Click on the glowing objects to make the doll do increasingly creepy things.

How I Wear My Corset – EPBOT talks about “everyday corset” wear.

Patronage Prints – The Century Guild art gallery sells limited-edition prints of macabre vintage advertising posters. A few of them are discussed in more detail here.

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