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The Link Dumps in the Walls

January 29th, 2016 by Cobwebs

Graveyards and cemetery’s [sic] – Fun Pinterest board of unusual gravestones, many with commentary. (If Pinterest nags you to register, use a throwaway account from Bugmenot.)

Southern Gothic – Spotify playlist described as “Roots rock, folk, and americana–with a Gothic soul.” (Hat tip to Bruno)

Kittens Recreate Horror Movies – If you’re easily spooked, allow these soothing kittens to act out scenes from The Shining, Carrie, and other classics.

Raxfox Design – German woodworker who makes gorgeous Burton-esque furniture. (Hat tip to Fiend4Halloween)

We’re Wolves – The splendid vampire mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows will get a sequel, focusing on werewolves.

Nightmerriment – Etsy shop full of original monster sculptures and plush toys, each with their own backstory. (Toasted Marshmallow monsters tend to be extremely fluffy and love doing math problems. They also love belly scratches.)

Ashes to Ashes – A timeline which explores David Bowie’s influence on goth.

@BatLabels – Oddly compelling Twitter feed which catalogues the explanatory labels from the 60s Batman TV series. “Anti-Lethal Fog Batspray” is…strangely specific.

The Killing Jar – Short story which follows a day in the life of the intern to a “public service” serial killer. “The last troubled, hard-drinking detective with unorthodox methods who Tony managed to hook into a daring cat-and-mouse game ended up in rehab for alcohol abuse, thus wasting months of painstaking antagonism.”

Dark Side Leia – A gothy take on Star Wars cosplay.

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