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I’ve Always Hated This Ad

February 8th, 2010 by Cobwebs

This is an advertisement for K-fee, a German energy drink, which built an entire campaign around the slogan “you’ve never been so wide awake.” It made the jump to e-mail a few years ago, with text claiming that it was an unaired BMW promotional video which included–if you paid close attention–a faint mist that was supposed to be a ghost or something. What actually happens, of course, is that you peer intently at the screen and then the monster leaps out at the end and scares the everlivinghell out of you.

The reason I hate this ad is because, even though I know that damn monster is going to appear at the end, it still makes me jump Every. Single. Time. I’m telling you right now, there’s a scary leapy thing at the end of this advertisement, and if you watch it you will be startled. (I’ll also point out that even without the German text at the end I would immediately know this was a foreign ad, because if this aired in the U.S. we’d have ravening packs of lawyers circling like sharks and fighting over who got to file the first heart-attack lawsuit.)

There were actually several similar ads made by the company. This video compiles them all for your delectation.

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