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The Homespun Raven

February 11th, 2010 by Cobwebs


I often do a fortune-telling schtick at parties–in fact, I’m fairly sure that an ex-co-worker keeps inviting me to her Halloween parties because I do tarot readings for her other guests–and because I’m far more interested in the entertainment value than “real” divination,* I generally bill myself as Madame Gazpacho Zorka (Cheaper Than a Consultant, Same Results). I’ve occasionally toyed with making a wooden sign advertising my “services,” but I suck enormously at freehand drawing and I never seem to get around to trying my hand at stenciling.

Fortunately, I was browsing around on Etsy recently and found somebody who specializes in just that. Tracy of The Homespun Raven offers a huge variety of premade stenciled signs, and she also does custom orders.

I asked her to combine a couple of her stock stencils (she can arrange to have a custom one made just for you, but it costs quite a bit extra) with my desired wording, and was quite pleased with the result. She works very quickly, and her signs are really quite affordable.

Even if you don’t have any designs on a custom piece, be sure to check out her premade stuff. I really like the rustic/vintage look of the signs, and pieces like this ouija board or this tavern sign might be the perfect thing to spruce up a bare wall.

*If you’d like to “tell fortunes” the way I do, check out the guide to bluffing your way through the tarot I wrote a while back.

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