The Art of Darkness

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February 22nd, 2010 by Cobwebs

I’d like to see an online dictionary with video clips of Christopher Walken pronouncing each word.

He steps to the podium. Taps the microphone. Glances at his notes. Clears his throat. Looks up and says, “A Very Muppet Dante’s Inferno.”

Dick Clark: the world’s only living memento mori.

My mind is what you get when you breed a Carnival with the Seventh Circle of Hell. And raise the resulting kid in a tent under power lines.

It sounds pretty sweet when someone offers you their undying love until you think about the word “undead”. Then it gets all weird.

A 14-yr-old killed his parents because he didn’t want to take out the trash. What did he think he’d do with the bodies?

They should re-release ‘The Lost Boys’ with the title ’24: Twilight.’ Cha-ching!

Lube, batteries, wine & a wheel of Brie are the ingredients of homemade shark repellent when a nosy kid looking in your cart asks.

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