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All the Pretty Link Dumps

February 19th, 2010 by Cobwebs

Make a Beautiful Button Pillow – Lovely idea for making a very Victorian-looking decorative pillow using loads of vintage buttons. You could do a darker version using novelty Halloween buttons like spiderwebs and skulls.

Miniature Memento – This isn’t really goth, but I love all the little details. If you’ve got access to a color printer, this kind of personalized item would make a wonderful gift.

Gross Anatomy – List of arts and crafts featuring body parts.

Black Milk Tights – Some very cool printed tights, including a couple of lovely skeleton designs.

Screw-in Coffin – A patent has been issued for this device. So many jokes occurred to me that my cerebellum fused. (Hat tip to Chas)

The New Vampire’s Handbook – You’ve been turned; now what? This handy guide covers everything from fang maintenance to faking your way through meals.

Bat Skull Drawer Pulls – These cast metal knobs would be the perfect hardware for a spooky armoire or chest.

Zombie Poker Chips – Series of chips with different zombies for each denomination.

Steampunk Mice – Some lovely examples of steamed-up computer mice, along with one mouse made out of a taxidermied real mouse. (Hat tip to Kitten Herder)

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