The Art of Darkness

Show-off Forgiveness Day

January 2nd, 2012 by Cobwebs

Let’s kick the new year off right by feeling really good about ourselves. I got this idea from The Dilbert Blog, and I think it’s a darned good one.

For this post, you have my full permission to brag about anything that you or anyone close to you are working on. All of the social conventions about bragging are suspended. Your awesomeness needs to be front and center, stat.

Tell us about your incredible art project, the fantastic goals you accomplished, the degrees you completed, and anything else that you’re excited about. Don’t stint on the glowing praise. Everything your mother told you about not blowing your own horn? Ignore that shit. What victories did you win? What are you really happy about?

And…over to you guys. Don’t disappoint me.

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