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Super Terrific Teeny Tiny Things

January 24th, 2012 by Cobwebs

TombstonesI recently linked to this necklace
featuring tiny figures in vials with the comment that I’d probably replace the people with tombstones, and my dad promptly sent me a link to some adorable gravestones meant as accessories for model train layouts. I’m surprised I haven’t written about model train accessories before now; it’s not uncommon to see layouts where the actual trains are secondary to the scenery. (They’re kind of like dollhouses for men.)

Even if you have no interest in model trains, there are loads of detailed miniatures which would be perfect added to a terrarium or simply displayed on a shelf. In addition to the basic tombstones, you can get a set featuring more elaborate graves and an Angel statue. There are also at least two complete cemetery kits: One by Busch complete with graves, hearse, fountain, park benches, and wreaths; and Woodland’s Maple Leaf Cemetery with stone fenceposts, lots of different tombstones, trees, and a tool shed.

To round out your graveyard you can purchase generic funeral attendees, which also come in Catholic and Protestant flavors.

There are also cute little horse-drawn hearses, including a rather elaborate version with lots of detailing.

If cemeteries aren’t your thing, you can also choose from a haunted house, including a version that lights up, an abandoned log cabin, a great-looking funeral home, a generic “haunted mansion” a spooky Vampire Villa, or even a full-blown castle. There’s even an electronics kit available which allows you to provide your building with lightning and thunder.

There are also plenty of little individual figures to choose from, including demons, devils, mermaids, female and male vampires, and even the Grim Reaper. Various animal sets feature crows, cats, and owls and snakes. There are also all kinds of “pedestrian” sets in themes ranging from a crime scene investigation to a group of punk rockers.

These would all be wonderful for dioramas, but if you want to more fully investigate the hobby of model railroading–it’s a fine pastime, much beloved of Gomez Addams–there’s certainly no reason why you couldn’t darken it up a bit too. Decorate the train with glow-in-the-dark paint and turn it into a ghost train passing through an abandoned village, or load it with pumpkins and send it on its way to Halloween Town. There’s almost surely a set of accessories to help you realize your vision.

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