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The Link Dump That Roared

January 6th, 2012 by Cobwebs

High-Tech Spider – These robotic spiders were designed for exploring areas too hazardous for humans, but I want them to make a home version. Who wouldn’t want a giant robot spider for a pet?

MadPax – Attractive backpacks and bags that look like they’re covered with spikes.

Bedtime Stories for Children You Hate – A collection of short stories with titles like, “Your Upstairs Neighbor Kills People” and “No, It Isn’t Just the Wind.” (The Kindle version is currently free.)

Precision Body Arts – Interesting body-modification shop that offers scarification amongst its services. This is a pretty amazing example.

NerdLacquer – Custom nail polish with names like Don’t Blink, Hyperspace Bypass, and It’s Just a Flesh Wound.

Goths Up Trees – Goths. Trees. Up. (via Cat)

Aliens on Ice – This needs a world tour, stat. Includes video.

Lil’ Drac – BatWorldSanctuary cares for an abandoned baby fruit bat. I want to be a bat rescue worker….

Digital Meltd0wn – Blog which aims to “introduce the readers to music that is out of print, commercially unavailable, released under a creative commons license, or with approval by the featured artist.” They have lots of interesting categories, like Horror Soundtrack, H.P. Lovecraft, and Avant-garage.

Tightrope Walker – The Bloggess gives me new appreciation for one of the “stretching photos” in the Haunted Mansion.

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