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The Edwardian Ball

January 5th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Edwardian Ball ParticipantIntrepid commenter xJane just gave me a brand-new reason to miss California, dammit.

The Edwardian Ball* isn’t, as one might suspect, a celebration of the Edwardian Era. It is instead a celebration of Edward Gorey, which makes it a thousand times cooler.

They describe themselves as, “an elegant, whirlwind, turn-of-the-century festival of music, theatre, dance, fashion, circus, art, gaming, ballroom dance, vending, and the art and stories of Edward Gorey.” (I assume by “turn-of-the-century” they mean the last century, since otherwise they’d be celebrating 12 years ago and everybody would be wearing polo shirts and complaining about the Y2K bug.)

The event is a costumed affair with games, rides, cabaret acts, “steam machinery,” vendors, circus sideshows, and who knows what else. It’s a wonderful blend of 1900s fashion, steampunk, and Edward Gorey, and definitely worth a look if you’re in the area. (Which I am not. Dammit.)

The ball is held annually in San Francisco, and occasionally they also come to Los Angeles. 2012 is one of those dual years, with the main San Francisco event on Jan 21 and the Los Angeles followup on Feb 4. You can get information about location and tickets on their site or their Facebook page.

Looks lovely.

(Thanks, xJane!)

*Caution: Website confuses “hard to read” with “edgy” by making all text light grey on a black background.

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