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A Pocketful of Link Dumps

January 20th, 2012 by Cobwebs

People Take Warning – Huge boxed set of “murder ballads and disaster songs” from the early part of the last century. This would be fantastic background music for any kind of period event, like a Titanic-themed dinner party.

SinIsPretty – Etsy shop with interesting clothing and accessories like Bone Shoe Clips and a Spider Web Tap Pant Set.

Elegant Musings – Blog devoted to “vintage” (1930s-ish) fashion. Has several tutorials.

Unicorn Poop – Brilliantly decorated sugar cookies.

Spiked iPhone Case – Interesting idea for decorating an iPhone case, although this would make it rather difficult to put in a pocket or clutch.

Scientific Creativity – Surviving the World makes me giggle.

Itsy Bitsy Spider Baby Shower – I love this idea for a gothy baby shower, but the black-and-white theme is sufficiently restrained and elegant that it could also provide some inspiration for a more grownup party.

Halloween Hair – This is certainly an…arresting…hairstyle.

Randy Newman’s Theme Song for “We Need to Talk About Kevin” – Parody song that nicely captures the Pixar-esque themes that Newman has turned out.

Gearing Up for 2012 – Calendar of steampunk conventions in 2012.

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