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The Link Dump of Dorian Grey

September 7th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Pareidoloop – Online coding experiment that generates random polygons until facial recognition software identifies the result as a face. The results are oddly creepy.

Monster Patch – Cute fix for ripped jeans. (I don’t think I’d use felt; it isn’t terribly sturdy.)

Hang Boo on a Wall – Instructable for making an adorable little light-up ghost.

Anatomy Boutique – Hand-screened Dia de los Muertos wallpaper. Lovely stuff.

Kia Goth Commerical – Made me giggle. (Also a similar, “Goths are made perky!” thing from Irn Bru.)

102 Wicked Things to Do – Blog full of awesome tutorials for spooky projects. I particularly like the Tudor Toss and Evil Dead spellbook.

Shadows in the Woods – Interesting-sounding game meant to be played by candlelight.

Arkham Bazaar – For all your Lovecraftian needs.

Harry Potter Quilt – This is some great applique.

Baturday – Very peculiar Tumblr devoted to bats. And also Batman. But whatever. They’ve got an animated gif of that bat being groomed with a toothbrush and that’s good enough for me. (Hat tip to Sisifo)

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