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Awesome Spooky Candles

September 25th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Evil CandlesThese are pretty neat. I ran across them on Pinterest and tracked them down to HouseofDewberry on Etsy (which has lots of other neat stuff, too). The friend who pinned them speculated on doing a DIY version, and I think they should be pretty easy to hack together.

These are essentially heavily-hot-glued PVC candles, which are a popular Halloween prop. You can find a zillion different tutorials for making the basic candle with a bit of googling: Here’s a video tutorial, and there’s a nice overview here (omit the step where you fill them with insulation) with some additional tips here. Choose a pipe diameter that will let you slip a battery-powered tea light inside, since they’ll be used both as a wick and to illuminate the interior.

The eyes and mouth can be cut pretty easily: Use a marker to draw the holes (it’s all going to be painted, so it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes), making sure you leave enough space around them that the pipe won’t crack when you cut it). Drill a pilot hole (google “how to drill PVC pipe” for instructions such as this one), then cut the shape using a keyhole saw or Dremel tool.

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