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Tom Spina Designs

September 27th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Skull ThroneGreat googly moogly you guys: This stuff is astonishing.

Tom Spina Designs is a group of artists and propmakers who do a lot of work for movies and TV and also, y’know, will make you just about any custom sculpture, prop, themed furniture, or decorative item you could possibly want. (Assuming you can afford it; I hesitate to even guess what a few of these installations would cost.)

So they’ll make you your own “carved stone” skull throne. They’ll help you devise a display for that authentic Invisible Man costume you have laying around. And they’ll also build you a King Kong-themed home theater, complete with giant ape-hand easy chairs and Kong himself peering at you over a sturdy wall. I could not love this more if I tried.

Check out their various galleries for fantastic inspiration: A wishing well and incredibly-detailed tombstones carved from foam, an amazing giant spider, and a full-blown “man cave” designed to display a large collection of horror movie props (with all kinds of great details like a rock formation featuring a spooky face).

There’s some phenomenal stuff here, either as a source of project ideas or just plain old coveting. Take a look!

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