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Head on a Stake Cake Pops

September 10th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Cake PopsThis has been floating around the intartubes for a while now, but it’s worth a mention here anyway.

Ned Stark’s death and subsequent head-on-a-stake-ness was a big deal in Game of Thrones, and when Jennifer of Not Your Momma’s Cookie saw the teaser poster for Season 2, she thought, quote, “it kind of looks like a cake pop.” She is clearly our kind of person.

So she made some Ned Stark Cake Pops and they are just adorably macabre. Using wooden skewers as “stakes” is a great idea, and the red candy-melt blood around the base of the neck is a nice touch.

Even if you aren’t a GoT fan, the same idea could be used for other themes: Vlad Tepes wasn’t called “the Impaler” for nothing, and a field of staked heads would be a fine addition to a Transylvanian party. You could also do a voodoo theme with staked skulls (Bakerella has done skull pops for Halloween–about halfway down the page) and shrunken heads, or serve pretty blonde victims at a slasher-movie marathon.

Jennifer’s method uses Bakerella’s–who is pretty much the queen of cake pops–red velvet recipe. You can also find her base recipe here, and check out her site’s cake pops category for more decorating inspiration. (Come to think of it, a bunch of reindeer heads staked on candy canes would be an amusing “Santa Finally Snaps” Christmas party idea.)

(Hat tip to Sisifo)

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