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Halloween Hot Sauce

September 18th, 2012 by Cobwebs

Hot SauceVictor the Undertaker used to offer a line of six artisanal hot sauces under the Haunted Hot Sauce brand. He’s recently simplified and re-branded as Halloween Hot Sauce, offering Spider Venom (mild jalapeño), Bloody Bat (medium cayenne) and Grinning Skull (hot habañero) varieties. He’s–sadly–ditched the little coffins they used to come boxed in, but the labels and packaging are still splendid. He’s currently taking pre-orders for shipping in mid-September, and it appears that he ships worldwide.

Reviews of the previous line (such as here and here) seem to be quite positive, so this is one of those rare items where you don’t have to sacrifice quality for spookiness. These would be perfect for a Halloween party or as condiments at a Dia de los Muertos-themed dinner. They’re also inexpensive enough that a trio of flavors would make an attractive hostess gift.

Since he’s a small operation I wouldn’t count on these being in stock for long, so if you’re looking for highly-thematic hot sauces you’d better order soon.

(via Cult of the Great Pumpkin)

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