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September 11th, 2012 by Cobwebs

One Direction: The reason why we should’ve killed Justin Bieber before he could lay eggs.

If you stretch out all the blood vessels in the human body and lay them end to end then you are the slowest serial killer ever you weirdo

OH MY GOD. I CAN SPIN WEBS. I AM PART SPIDER. I CAN SPIN oh wait that’s a tampon string nevermind.

Bought some vintage furniture today. I guess you could call my style “previously owned by a dead person.”

“Can’t wait until I grow up & inexplicably become a chef at a fancy expensive restaurant!” — every tattooed kid into punk rock in the 1980s

Sometimes I hit myself in the face with a pie just so there’s a little comic relief when my life flashes before my eyes.

To figure what your porn star name would be, make a porno, then watch the credits.

[Planning] your funeral is the one thing in life you can totally blow off without suffering any consequences.
Basic Instructions

Some day, god forbid, Oprah will pass away and the cover of O magazine is going to get really creepy.

My favorite Tim Burton movie is ‘accidentally going inside a Hot Topic while on drugs.’

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