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April 4th, 2013 by Cobwebs

Skull Wedding CakeI occasionally run into a wedding cake that sort of makes me wish I could get married all over again, and this is one of them. Food artist Annabel (“Annabel Lecter”) de Vetten of Conjurer’s Kitchen made this “‘Til Death Do Us Part” cake for a wedding show in Birmingham.

It features solid chocolate skulls of 16 carrion crows, 12 domestic kittens, 3 Vervet monkeys, and 4 barn owls, all of which the artist sculpted by hand. Made from White Chocolate Mudcake, the cake took her over 100 hours to complete in total. There are two options of toppers: a chocolate conjoined kitten skull, or dried flowers from an actual wedding bouquet

This isn’t her first excursion into detailed chocolate skulls; she’s got a Death in Chocolate page which showcases her work with chocolate animal and human skulls, including some painted ones meant to mimic skulls on display at an Austrian Ossuary. I can’t get over how lifelike she’s gotten the “bone” to appear.

Her site has all kinds of other great stuff, too: Creepy Confections has cakes based on 18th-Century anatomical wax models, a bloody heart in a box, and those spooky-ass chocolate baby heads that showed up on Etsy a while back and freaked everybody out. I’m also completely in love with her Beetlejuice-esque Tim Burton cake and the Hitchcock Movies cake.

Even if you aren’t in the U.K. and thus can’t contract her services directly–although it does look like she might ship some small items–the site is a great place to browse just to drool over her creations.

(via BoingBoing)

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