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Cemetery Wall Mural

April 17th, 2013 by Cobwebs

Gravestone MuralI ran into this on Pinterest the other day and have given up trying to source the original image; a couple of sites point to Marie’s Manor as the creator, but since most of the stuff there appears to be from someplace else, I doubt they’re the originator either. I did manage to track down the graveyard background, though; it’s a silhouette standup by ShinDigz.

It’s also made of cardboard and costs nearly a hundred bucks, which is just ludicrous. (The price seemed bad enough when I thought it was a vinyl wall decal. But cardboard?)

The shapes are all simple enough that you could cut your own out of cardboard sheets, but an idea that I like far better is to actually stencil them on the walls for a permanent room makeover.

The silhouettes shown here are all very simple, with no fiddly details, so they should be do-able for even a stenciling novice (obviously, you can make them much more intricate if you have the skill and patience). There are tutorials all over the Web for stenciling walls, and googling “how to make wall stencils” will turn up a wealth of information: This, this, and this should be enough to get you started.

The actual decoration would involve painting the top part of the walls whatever color you want your “sky” to be: The burnt orange in the example is striking, but you could use purple, grey, or even scarlet if you’re feeling particularly gothy; you could also paint them plain white for a low-key, monochrome look. Apply your stencils in a darker contrasting color, then paint the lower part of the wall the same shade. Bingo! Insta-graveyard.

If you’re feeling ambitious you could use more than two colors and add extra details: A full moon, a few bats flitting around, a big spooky tree with bare branches, or even an errant ghost or two emerging from their crypts. Taking care with your stencils will make your results look like the work of a pro for little more than the cost of a bit of housepaint.

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