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Fabulous & Baroque

April 8th, 2013 by Cobwebs

Baroque BedIf I ever win the lottery I’ve just found the first place I’m going shopping.

Intrepid commenter Fiend4Halloween alerted me to Fabulous & Baroque, a company who creates furniture that would make Morticia Addams’ jaw drop.

Fabulous & Baroque was established in 2010 based on a love and appreciation of the elaborate detail and designs of 17th & 18th century European furniture. Fabulous & Baroque takes a modern approach to the luxurious, hand crafted, French design by using fashion forward colors and concepts. Having emerged as a leading furniture company of Baroque design, we continue to evolve our designs to accommodate client preferences and custom requests. The slogan “If you dream it, we can make it” truly separates us from the competition. Client dreams are transformed into a beautiful piece of artwork for your home.

They are…not cheap. But their stuff is just gorgeous. They’ve got antiqued silver-leaf beds and balloon chairs and mirrored wardrobes and rococo dressing tables and…I think I just furnished the bedroom of my dreams.

As their slogan suggests, they also do custom work. I have no idea what that would cost, but if there’s a piece you’ve always dreamt of having these guys might be the ones to make it for you.

(Thanks, Fiend4Halloween!)

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