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Snow White and the Seven Link Dumps

April 19th, 2013 by Cobwebs

Newlydeads – Cute little salt-and-pepper shakers that look like a skeletal bride and groom.

Spider Lapel Pin – Steampunky spider with a watch for a body and a taxidermy eye for a head. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this.

Noell Oszvald – Photographer who does really interesting, surreal, self-portraits. I love the raven/shadow one.

Numbers Stations on Twitter – I wrote about Numbers Stations a while back; I had no idea that there may be something similar going on with Twitter.

Dead Frog with Flies – a) There’s a classical painting of a stinky dead frog that’s attracting flies. b) A pair of contemporary artists thought it would be a good idea to digitally animate it. What is this I don’t even.

Day of the Shirt – Site which aggregates all of the “one-day T-shirt” sites (TeeFury, Woot! and so forth) onto a single page for easy perusal.

LastBreathe – Really interesting fashion design; I’m not sure what it’s made of–it appears to be plastic strips–but it looks like the model is wearing smoke.

Cuffs from Bodyline Ribbon – Tutorial for converting an overlarge Bodyline JSK bow into matching cuffs.

Oonacat – Etsy shop specializing in horns, ears, and “heelless hooves” for costumes. The demon hooves are indeed epic, but I have no idea how you’d manage to walk in ’em.

Dungeon Maps – Some nicely-intricate D&D maps for your adventuring needs. Also I am amused to know that there’s a Tumblr blog called fuck yeah cartography!.

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