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Skull Decor

October 3rd, 2008 by Cobwebs

Skull TileThe FLOR company has just released a brand-new carpet tile design featuring cute little skulls. Each tile is nearly 20″ square, so you’d only need a couple for a small area rug. (via Halloween Hotlist)

To match your skull rug, check out Skull-a-Day’s “Secret Skull” stenciled wallpaper. There’s a downloadable pattern of the design so you can add a wee bit of goth to your own walls. I particularly like the subtlety of the image: You have to really look to see the skulls, but once you see them you can’t stop seeing them.

Skull-a-Day also offers prints of the popular Ornament(al) Skull, which would make a nice accent in a powder room or boudoir.

I have to admit, one nice thing about the wholesale mainstreaming of skull imagery is that it’s much easier to decorate without seeming overly morbid. Puts a little less stress on the in-laws’ psyches.

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