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Pumpkin Diorama

October 30th, 2008 by Cobwebs

Halloween DioramaNow that Halloween is at hand, Funkins and other fake pumpkins should be on clearance at your local craft store. Go get one and turn it into a diorama like this one, from Craftster user Miz.Persnicket. She’s got a whole little graveyard inside, complete with lurking rats and tap-dancing skeletons.

She doesn’t give any directions, but from her supplies list it appears that she cut a hole in the pumpkin using a dremel tool (you could also use a little jigsaw), then painted the inside and the cut edge. The gravestones appear to be the little foam jobs you see as table decorations (they’re also available at Oriental Trading), and the grass is reindeer moss.

There’s all kinds of stuff you could do with a pumpkin as a frame: A Macbeth-type blasted heath with bubbling cauldron, a mad scientist’s laboratory, a cave full of bats, a dubious-looking gingerbread house…you get the idea.

It’d be fun to do a whole series of these, each with a different scene inside, and make a big tabletop display.


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