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Link Dump: Funny Stuff

October 21st, 2008 by Cobwebs

“Stygian” Dark Chocolate – H.P. Lovecraft’s short stint as a copywriter for Whitman’s Samplers.

Baconhenge – “Let Baconhenge be the site of your seasonal celebration! Let bacon stand in for the sacrificed Year King, French toast for the Grain Goddess, the eggs in the frittata for the Cosmic Egg, and the vegetables for the bountiful Earth on which we live.”

Alphabet of Excuses – The guy behind Head Injury Theater came up with an entire alphabet of reasons for not updating his site for a while. (A is for Apathy….)

Chernobyl Matryoshka – Makes you chuckle and wince at the same time.

Catalog of Unfit Toys – Featuring items such as the Ennuija Board and the Berenstain Bears Go Primal Treasury, this blog has something for every child on your list. Assuming that you hate every child on your list.

Yearbook Yourself – Upload a photo of yourself and create “yearbook” photos from various decades. Some of the hairstyles are simply wonderful.

Ashes to Caches – Amusing look at high-tech ways to dispose of your mortal remains.

This is my favorite Wondermark cartoon of all time.

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