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Making Pickled Punks

October 7th, 2008 by Cobwebs

Pickled PunkThe I Make Projects site, whose tagline is “A good project is made better when its parts have been misused, and the result is hideous” (a sentiment I can heartily get behind), has a nice tutorial on making pickled punks and other monstrosities. (via BoingBoing)

If you’re good at working with Sculpey or polymer clay, check out Uncialle’s alien specimen page for ideas on creating miniature beasties to bottle.

For additional inspiration, there’s Aranamuerta’s Witch Kitchen tutorial which shows how to slick up jars and bottles and includes some great suggestions for potion ingredients.

And for some unbelievably gorgeous labels, take a look at the Love Manor Halloween haunt’s Flickr photostream. (via Spooky is as Spooky Does)

I love this kind of project because the method could hardly be simpler–stick a plastic thing in a jar–and the impact is all in the presentation. Thinking up imaginative labels and choosing the appropriate prop is loads of fun. A collection of jars would be an arresting decorative accessory for a cubicle or living room. It’d also be fun to send small (plastic) specimen jars as invitations to a Mad Scientist-themed party; just write the party details on the bottle’s label.

Go forth, and pickle some punks!

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